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Small Business Graphic Design Services

Having the opportunity to create a brand design or logo for any business is a great privilege.


Simplicity, and the art of making a design work on a variety of mediums is crucial to its success. 

We kick start with some questions then we jump on zoom and get started so you can give your feedback in real time, see the design coming to life.

We work on everything from website design, to social media, brochures, signage, building & vehicle design. 

Check out our gallery for examples to inspire you and go ahead and get in touch today.

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Having clients in all different time zones around the world SJP LOGO & GRAPHIC DESIGN is open all hours.

Contact Steve Today 

He Won't bite!

Designing a menu on zoom
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All our designs come to life on zoom with you. No long winded process of endless emails going back and forward to get to the final design.

You have more control over the design process and it's way more exciting seeing your logo come to life! You'll love it!

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Thanks for your equiry. We'll get back to you shortly!

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